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~Gypsy Proverb~

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Acting Classes
The Mercury Method
Ever feel like something is not working in your technique but can't quite pin it down?
Do you want to be a natural and realistic actor on stage?
Still auditioning but not getting the callbacks you want?

I can teach you the techniques that will free your inner actor and make you shine.

My method is culled from over 25 years as a working professional and more importantly,
from what works from an audience's standpoint.  They are your best teachers.

Sessions opening in the next two weeks.  Classes limited to 8 students.  You must audition
for the class.  I need to see your willingness and desire to achieve and what level you have
currently attained.

Session Intensives: 6 hours over 3 weeks (one 2 hour regimen per week)
Tuition: $150  (Limited to 8 students)

Individual Intensive: You decide what you'd like to work on.
Tuition: $50/hr  (One-on-one tutoring)

A comment from a student:
"Wow.  I think I learned more today than I have in a full year anywhere else.  To your
credit, you really threw some things at me that were technically challenging and the
exercises were unlike anything I was familiar with.  I like the unfamiliar and I definitely loved
the way you broke everything down."

All sessions located in Cumming, GA 30040 (unless enough students sign up from Atlanta)
If interested in joining a session, contact: Mercury@GypsyTheatreCompany.Biz
Please put "Intensive" in the subject matter.

Some of my experience:  Equity Actor in NYC (pounding the pavement for 20 years).  
13 National Tours out of NYC (performing in approximately 750 different cities over a
period of 10 years).  Instructor for the Academy of Cinema and Television.  Currently a
working theater Director, Actor, Technician.  Owner/Artistic Director of a successful
theatre.  Passion for the stage...