Bringing theatre to life, and life to theatre...
We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.
~Gypsy Proverb~

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Theatre.  To the Greeks it was a “seeing place” to view, contemplate and speculate on their
lives, hopes, dreams and fears.  Originally deriving from religious practice, it was an every
aspect of their culture and society.  Most of us don't think of theatre as necessary, but I believe
it is.

Theatre is about your community.  Whether that community is the town, state, or country where
you live--the community of beliefs you cherish, or to a greater community you aspire to be part
of--we all have commonalities.  Things in common.  Community.  Gypsy Theatre Company is
committed to bringing theatre to everyone in the community.  

To revel and be lost in a story, to think or see things in a way you've not before, to be amazed,
befuddled, or laugh until it hurts, or cry because you must, are all the end results of theatre.  
Watching a play, acting in one, being part of the technical crew, writing, and directing are all
ways that teach us so many things about ourselves and of our fellow mankind.  How can it not
when we see bits of ourselves in the characters on the stage?

Therein lies the nexus.  Being an active part of positive expression and self-esteem is critical
for the human condition.  

We at Gypsy believe children should also have that active expression and pride in oneself.  
They are, after all, our leaders of tomorrow.  What vision will they have for us then, if right now
they do not have their own “seeing place” to contemplate, speculate, reflect and express?  
Theatre, and the Arts in general, gives them that chance--that moment to “figure things out” in
their own way, in their own time.  To express something that might seem “inexpressible.”  And
perhaps learning something about themselves along the way.

And theatre is not just for children.  We all need that outlet, that expression.  Going to the
theatre, or being involved with the theatre, keeps you involved in the community.  Your
community.  To me, theatre is as necessary as breathing--to inspire, to cajole, to entertain.

There are many plays that I have seen many times.  I revisit them because they are beautiful.  
Beautiful in their poignancy.  Beautiful in their laughter.  Beautiful in their mind-provoking
capacity.  And though they may be the same play, they are never the same twice.  That’s the
beauty of live theatre.  The retelling of stories is an ancient tradition--and that tradition is not
lost to us yet.  The subject matter, the medium, and the content may change as we do, but I
don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like a good story.

So come play with us.  Come laugh.  Come cry.  Come be entertained.  Come to Gypsy.  
Whether you're an old veteran or an untried hopeful, you are welcome, most welcome, into the
wonderful world of theatre.

Artistic Director